ODM/OEM cosmetics backed by proven, dependable technical ability and know-how
accumulated over 85 years in business.

High-quality, high-added value OEM/ODM by a manufacturer of professional salon quality hair care cosmetics products.


Reliability and performance backed by over 85 years in business as a leading company in Japan's textile processing industry.
Nicca Chemical Co., Ltd. is a leading company in surfactants, and has been a driving force in Japan's textile processing industry. We apply the abilities of surfactants for washing, dyeing, and processing, etc., to provide technologies and products for customers in a wide range of fields including textile processing, metal processing, paper and pulp, dry cleaning, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


From textiles to hair Hair is a type of fiber(*1).

*1 The structure of hair is similar to textiles like wool and silk.
In 1982, we shifted our focus from practical research of textiles to the study of human hair as a fiber, and entered the hair care cosmetics business. As a manufacturer of products for beauty salons, we have developed our own original Demi Cosmetics brand aimed at salons not only in Japan, but also around the world, based on the concept of "hair science." We apply the knowledge, technologies, and know-how we cultivated in textile processing to hair shampoos, hair treatments, perming agents, and hair color, etc. We handle everything in-house, from development to planning, manufacturing, quality assurance, and sales. We actively engaged in joint research with universities and other research institutions to expand our fields of research to include the scalp and skin, and we have supplied the market with numerous products over the past 40 years.

We stock more than 2,200 original formulas

We are currently entering the ODM/OEM business based on the know-how we cultivated in the professional salon industry. We suggest high-quality, highly effective formulas based on many years of accumulated knowledge and know-how to fit the client's brand concept, and provide support to create original brands together with our affiliate Yamada Seiyaku Co., Ltd. Stocking only formulas recognized by customers and endorsed by professionals is our strength.
Our cosmetics factory has obtained ISO22716 certification, an international cosmetics manufacturing standard.

We offer a one-stop, integrated approach to everything from initial product design and development on through to production. Nicca Chemical excels at offering only the finest formulations recognized by our professional clientele in the cosmetics sector. For all of your OEM/ODM needs, Nicca Chemical is here to help.